• Alan Black

    Alan Black is a yoga teacher, motivator, public speaker and author of the fitness lifestyle book, "A Yogis Guide to Health and Fitness."
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The Yogi’s Guide to Hong Kong! Where to hike, run and get your yoga on.

An active 3 days in Hong Kong- How to do it! I’ve found that to really get to know a city the best way is through activities. It’s a fantastic alternative to sitting in a bar or restaurant and feeling lethargic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to try the local cuisine, but it feels … Continue reading

Suggested playlist for the Balance Script

The Yogi’s Guide To Health And Fitness’s “Balance Series” challenges your Concentration and Focus.   We’ve compiled a sample playlist that will help you motivate through those seemingly endless standing poses!   A little Radiohead to help you focus! Hip Hop yoga music Bring a little color into your life! Reggae style! Let the pressure … Continue reading

Plyometric Playlist

Here’s a suggested Rock “n” Rock heavy playlist to get you through the Yogi’s Guide To Fitness INTENSITY exercise series.  An hour or so… Go to http://yogisguidetohealth.com for more info!       A little Arcade Fire! Kings of Leon! Comeback Story. A good song for the ones who have gained weight and are working … Continue reading

Yoga Playlist! Some Good Tunes To Get You Through Your Flow!

 Our “Slow Motion” http://yogisguidetohealth.com Series focuses on  holding each pose for a minimum of 5 deep breaths It lets you fully dive into each pose.  Here’s a great playlist to accompany your flow!     15 minute integration series (slow and chill) Krisna Das Bombay Dub Orchestra                 … Continue reading

How to focus: Three easy tricks!

How to focus: Three easy tricks!   Howdy! Ever feel like you’re wondering off task? A project that should take half an hour is taking two hours? You’re unfocused. How do you drop the “un” and become focused? How to focus?  Being unfocused happens to me all the time. Whether it is creating a presentation … Continue reading

Healthy school lunches? Is there such a thing anymore?

I’ve been doing research for my website, which is to launch on May 16 and I stumbled upon this informative and enlightening short video about school lunches from Berkeley professor Michael Pollan. Pollan is the author of such books as The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food. Good stuff, very eye opening. I’ve always … Continue reading

Ski Jumps! Man do they burn:)

I’ve been running a boot camp every Monday night at 7.00 pm and last session we did ski jumps for about 50 yards down one way and then we sprinted back. I thought I was going to die! And I was the one who came up with this routine. For those of you who are … Continue reading

If the old saying is true -then …Did you know that you may be up to 20% of Sodium Phosphate?

Most mass produced commercial grade chicken breast is “Enhanced” with up to 30% Sodium Phosphate. If the budget allows, choose chicken that’s been raised in a natural and humane manner; without any additives or fillers. The huge, large scale chicken factories pump their animals with Sodium Phosphate to give the appearance of more product, but … Continue reading

Yogi’s Guide to Health and Fitness- Ommm My book detailing an attack on health and fitness is now available. It details a three prong approach to living the best life possible: a daily yoga practice, ploymetrics (Track and Field based boot camp styled workouts) and eating non-processed foods. If you click the above link; you … Continue reading

Fantastic marinade for Chicken, Fish or Tofu!

In my book, The Yogi’s Guide to Health and Fitness, I advocate a three prong approach to living the best life possible. The three essential ingredients are a daily yoga practice, plyometrics (track and field styled exercises) and a non-processed diet. Today I would like to share one of my favorite marinades- Annie’s Gingerly Vinaigrette … Continue reading